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Mosdos Press presents world-class literature for elementary school and middle school: classic and contemporary works that are broadly representative, intellectually challenging, and morally framed. Our curriculum is rigorous and engaging, and thoughtfully explores family values and ethics. Mosdos Press is dedicated to excellence in the teaching of literature, writing, vocabulary, and language arts. Our Literature Anthology Series meets the most stringent academic standards, without compromising our children spiritually or psychologically.
Mosdos Press' literature anthologies are currently being used in countless public, private, and religious schools across the United States and Canada. With the introduction of our books, all these institutions have experienced positive changes in the tone of their classrooms. Schools moving towards the current "Values based" education trend need look no further than our series, for we promise to impart only traditional, wholesome values in our books. Teachers find that our curriculum-rich Teacher's Editions, replete with ideas for creative assignments, community service projects, and valuable background information, make teaching with our series a pleasure.

We received the following letter: "I enjoyed the curriculum, and my 7th grade daughter looked it over too...She liked it-it was 'older looking' than the elementary curriculum, while still keeping a kid-pleasing format with alternating fonts, color variation, etc. The binding on the book is also done very well so that the text will hold up. I've run into a lot of so-called textbooks recently whose bindings were too cheaply done and cracked after the first few openings. The Glossary is also very well done, and this is just the student text. Add to this the high-interest student workbook that accompanies the text, and the great teaching manuals that are spiral bound and you have a very useful curriculum that will hold to heavy use."
Mosdos Press Literature textbooks are anthologized by unit, each exploring one of the basic literary components-plot, character, setting and theme and around six genres: short stories, poetry, drama, nonfiction, the novella, and the novel. Each unit is used for the teaching and synthesis of the key literary components and concepts. Since we learn to write from reading, Mosdos Press never stints on the number of selections: Our textbooks are replete with fine literature. Mosdos Press Teacher's Editions are so detailed, so well-organized, and so innovative, teachers can use these books as their primary resource. These books will stand you in good stead for creating lesson plans for model lessons, or for bringing something extra to your students. Our consumable Student Companion Workbooks take the tedium out of language and analytical exercises. From vocabulary exercises to Graphic Organizers, students will enjoy learning through witty and instructive activities.